“I’d rather be a hippy than a hipster.  What.”


GroupLove is the perfect blend

of hippy alternative rock that the 2000’s call for.

Everyone should know who The 1975 is.

I’ve been aching to write about these gents for quite some time but have been so busy with other responsibilities that  my blogging priorities have sort of been bounced out of the realm of importance.  But these boys definitely seem to holster some amazing sounds through vocals and beats.



Just the lead singer’s voice has such a unique slur and it seems to pinpoint perfectly the pop/ rock vibes these guys are laying down.  And with song titles like “Sex” and “Chocolate,” apparently these boys know what girls like.

Check them out and I’d love to hear what popular opinion is!:

Little Man @ Cause: Spirits & Soundbar

Last month, I experienced a Little Man show at Cause:  Spirits & Soundbar in Minneapolis.  It was a pretty lively show and you couldn’t help but to feel like a participant.  Everyone was experiencing full force the effect of the music as the sounds resonated through everyone’s rhythmically enhanced bodies.

His brand of 1970’s-ish rock was such a treat! And Little Man himself is quite the performer! By watching him, it amped up everyone else’s energy. You can just tell that all of the performers in Little Man definitely put their all in their music, which is…

Exactly what rock and roll needs to thrive!!!



“Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll”

Foxy Shazam posing at the Flowerpot, London

(Who the hell do these guys think they are, you might ask???)

Easy answer:

Foxy Shazam!!!



And clearly they aren’t too concerned with your opinion of them…


Their energetic performance and wacky music is enough to gain my obsession!!!  I clearly love to just show these guys off and it doesn’t hurt that they have so much to show.  I love their “devil-may-care” attitude and how whimsical they are.  It’s rather refreshing.

You may have noticed I haven’t been frequent with my posts lately and that’s because there hasn’t really been much worth posting, until I found these guys!


Dan Mariska And The Boys Choir

Dan Mariska And The Boys Choir

7″ – The new, 4-track digital album by this local talent makes a lot of good vibes for the local music scene!

Out of 5 stars, I give Dan a 3.8. His breathy vocals work surprisingly well with his realistic lyrics, which sparks a flare of intrigue in the mind of any music lover. And I do really appreciate how the instrumentals create such intricate rhythms.

Check out his bandcamp!:

Augustana Acoustic (reborn?)

Augustana Acoustic (reborn?)

Lead guitarist/ pianist and vocalist, Dan Layus, is holding on tightly to the band, Augustana, even though they have gone through several line up changes and were dropped from Epic Records in 2011. Dan still tours with his remaining band member, Josiah Rosen who plays the piano, backup vocals and performs on the accordion for a few tracks. All in all, I strongly admire the resilience Dan has shown towards the changes taken place in his musical career.

The show was marvelous and I have no trouble whatsoever with deeming Dan as my favorite vocalist. His range and power, not to mention his vibrato are extraordinary! Paired with his acoustic sounds and Josiah’s backup vocals, labeling his performance as “powerful” greatly seems to understate the enigmatic performance that he still presents.

The concert itself was held monday night at The Varsity Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. Out of 5 stars, I give this concert a 4- easily. Dan’s true musicianship shines through each of his struggles, in fact, I believe his struggles strengthen his creative qualities. Even though Augustana seems to be finished- he has promised to continue making music. Not to sound like a cliche, but the rain most certainly comes before the rainbow- especially for Dan Layus! I for one, am excited for what the future holds for Dan and Augustana.


Tune In Tuesday: Me As A Pilot

Me As A Pilot

Having been tossed the compliment of sounding an awful

lot like Ryan Adams, the man behind Me As A Pilot, Nick Costa, thought,

“being compared to him is pretty rad!  The dude’s like my idol.”


I want to introduce this musician because Friday I want to have an update including an interview and NEXT Friday,
a show review for this talent.

Feel free to check him out on bandcamp or facebook and check back soon
for an UPDATED interview AND concert review!


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